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We are a small, family based breeder. Our puppies grow up in our living room and are made familiar with normal household chores and sounds from early age. 

Our breeding dogs are first and foremost pets. They live in normal household as their beloved pet, and no girl will have more than two litters as part of our breeding program. We never breed a girl before the age of two and we never breed back to back.

All our dogs are thoroughly health tested and you will find their results on their profile on our boys and girls page. All our dogs are also professional temperament assessed to ensure they are fit for breeding, with a temperament that is according to the Australian Labradoodle Breed Standard. 

We register our dogs in Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association. This is a recognized as one of the breed registries with the strictest rules regarding health testing, and with the most modern breeding tools, support and tutorials. 

We are extremely proud of our breeding program and we hope you like what you read about us!