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Guardian Program

As a Guardian, you will get the pick of the litter puppy for free. In return, we will ve allowed to use the dog as part of our breeding program.

You will take care of the puppy as your own and be responsible for the  running day to day expences such as food, health care, equipment and insurance. We will cover all cost related to breeding. This includes health testing, pre-natal and post-natal care and any pregnancy related veterinarian expences.  We’ll keep ownership of the dog until it has had a maximum of 3 litters (normally never more than two, but we reserve the right to a third litter in case we have a very small litter (less than 3 puppies).  After having her litters, the dog vil be retired from breeding and ownership transfered permanently to the guardian. If the dog is deemed unfit for breeding, ownership is transfered and Guardians will pay half pet price as compensation to Arctic Labradoodles AS. 

The dog will have her puppies at Arctic Labradoodles AS and we will be responsible for the dog and her puppies until puppies leave for their new homes.
What do we expect from you?
A labradoodle needs stimulation, time and training. We expect you to attend puppy classes and train the puppy to a intermediate obedience level. A labradoodle is an active dog that needs stimulation. If you are interested in eg Agility, Sports training or just general obedience training this is a great advantage.  Dog ​​clubs around the country have a number of activities that we recommend that you join. It is a great way to get to know other dog owners, while at the puppy is socialized with other dogs. Sounds interesting? Please send in a puppy application today!